Is branding still important in the digital age?

Yes. In fact, the expansion of digital marketing means that the strength of your brand is more important than ever – it needs to stand out against all the other brands in the marketplace that are competing both online and offline.

Increasing use of digital communications means that people have more choice in the way they receive information and are being more selective in what they pay attention to. This means that your brand needs to act as a differentiator – it’s crucially important if you want people to remember you.

You can use digital marketing to increase your brand awareness. If your digital branding accurately reflects what your company means to its customers and is consistent with all your other marketing channels, then this will help to strengthen your brand.  Digital communications also allow you to target more precisely, reaching even the smallest groups of customers, so your brand matters more to people.

What makes a strong brand?
Your brand should be instantly recognisable, wherever it is seen. This requires a strong design (often very simple) used absolutely consistently. Only a well-established brand can use its different elements separately or in different ways without diluting the brand.

You need to deliver on your promises. Fundamentally a brand is a symbol of consistency – a promise of the quality of a product or service to be delivered.

Your brand’s essence, personality and tone of voice need to reflect your business and be relevant to target sectors.

It’s all about consistency – of identity, message and delivery

How relevant is this to companies in business to business sectors?
Although the world’s biggest brands are consumer brands, in business to business environments branding is still a crucial differentiator. It can:

  • Make your business stand out against the competition
  • Provide a short-cut to processing large amounts of information when making a purchasing decision
  • Be the deciding factor in a closely competitive situation.

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