“When employing a PR agency, I look for reliability,
professionalism and responsiveness. Butterfield Marketing
excels at all of these” Charlotte Hilton, Sharpmark.

PR encompasses many different activities and its broad definition is:”The process of managing communications to affect the attitudes and perceptions of your target audiences towards your company or products”

Your online reputation is crucial for your business, not only does this include your website content, but its search engine ranking, online listings and social media profiles.

PR also includes areas such as achieving editorial coverage (in print and online), working with charities and professional bodies, sales promotions, sponsorship and events.

We raise the profile of your business by proactively creating opportunities and developing a programme of activity.

We enhance and manage the reputation of your company by working with the various media channels in your target sectors. Writing clear and concise press releases, articles and blog posts ensures that your message stands out, free from industry or company jargon.