RPC website goes live

We’re very pleased with the new Richardson Partnership for Care website, which has just been launched. The new website is much more informative and gives a much better representation of the high quality of service that The Richardson Partnership for Care offers. And it’s already performing well in the search engines. Butterfield Marketing wrote all the content, co-ordinated the photography and populated the site. We worked in conjunction with The Website Business who designed and built the website.

The client is very pleased with both the new website and the process involved in producing it. This what they said:

“You have made building a website hassle free for us as you’ve chased everyone involved, written the content and ensured a smooth process. We could only spend limited time on it ourselves, as we needed to be free to concentrate on other parts of the business. Having been involved in the making of other versions of the company website I know that this is a real luxury! Thanks Clare for making this website build a pleasure!”

Laura Richardson-Cheater
Managing Partner
The Richardson Partnership for Care