Congratulations to Belmont Press – finalist in Print, Design and Marketing Awards

Belmont Press is one of the largest independent commercial printers in the UK and is a finalist in the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2014. These national awards reward quality, creativity and innovation and are judged by a panel of industry experts.

Belmont Press entered The Essential Guide to Print, its comprehensive guide for print buyers, which explains all the different aspects of the printing process from paper selection and preparing artwork to printing, binding and special finishes. It also accompanies workshops run by Belmont Press to inform and support clients in the print buying process. The judges were very impressed with the guide, saying: “This is a really useful campaign for print buyers, which promotes education.”

Butterfield Marketing has been working with Belmont Press for about a year, writing content for the company’s in-house newsletter and website as well as assisting with other projects. The Essential Guide is designed and produced in-house but I helped to write the award application and I’m delighted with the company’s success.  This is the first time that Belmont Press had entered the Print, Design and Marketing Awards and the company was in the top six entries in the Best Printed Marketing Collateral award category.

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When was the last time you looked at your company website?

Your company may be a leader in its field, but if your company website or literature look dated, badly designed or the messages are unclear, you could be damaging your reputation and missing out on business. Don’t just compare your website with others in your industry – look at companies you admire or respect. Take inspiration from leaders in other fields.

Effective marketing communication relies on:
• Focusing on the customer
• Planning
• Consistent implementation
• Following best practice principles

External perspective
Sometimes you’re too close to your business to see it from your customers’ point of view. You don’t notice that your marketing materials look tired, or you just don’t have the time to update the blog.  Bringing in an outside expert provides a new perspective, fresh ideas and ensures that your plans are actually put into action.

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