“We received nurturing, support and sound guidance.”
John Cooper, Foodmaker Limited


Here is a selection of case studies and testimonials from some of our clients. We would be happy to supply references or show you our portfolio, so please contact us to arrange an informal meeting.

University of Northampton

Butterfield Marketing was approached by the University of Northampton to proofread the University’s undergraduate prospectus. This is a high profile item of marketing collateral that needs to be absolutely right. Clare checked the prospectus for spelling and grammatical errors, consistency and adherence to brand guidelines. She was involved in the project at the latter stages, which enabled her to view the prospectus with ‘fresh eyes’ but it also meant that deadlines were tight.

“Butterfield Marketing provided the University of Northampton with a high quality service within very short timescales. They were able to advise and make recommendations to produce a stronger product that fully met our needs and requirements. Overall a great local service who were easily contactable. We would definitely recommend the services to other clients.”

Susan Parris
Senior Marketing Officer – Marketing and Communications
University of Northampton

Richardson Partnership for Care

As part of our ongoing work for The Richardson Partnership for Care, we were asked to produce a new website. It needed to be much more informative than the old one and give a much better representation of the high quality of service that The Richardson Partnership for Care offers. It also needed to look more professional, provide information for different audiences and perform well in search engines.

Butterfield Marketing wrote all the content, co-ordinated the photography and populated the site. We worked in conjunction with The Website Business who designed and built the website.

The client is very pleased with both the new website and the process involved in producing it. This is what they said:

“You have made building a website hassle free for us as you’ve chased everyone involved, written the content and ensured a smooth process. We could only spend limited time on it ourselves, as we needed to be free to concentrate on other parts of the business. Having been involved in the making of other versions of the company website I know that this is a real luxury! Thanks Clare for making this website build a pleasure!!”

Laura Richardson-Cheater
Managing Partner
The Richardson Partnership for Care

JCD Photography

John Debono of JCD Photography came to Butterfield Marketing for help with the website content for his new business. He had a portfolio of beautiful images and a newly-built website, but needed some content that described his photography services, engaged the audience and improved the website’s search engine optimisation.

John said: “Working with Clare at Butterfield Marketing has been absolutely fantastic. She’s really easy to talk to and had a great understanding of what our needs were. She also gave us some really good advice and feedback.

“Our website is our shop window, so it’s important to us that it’s right. Butterfield Marketing has made that possible and given us the confidence and enthusiasm to promote our website. It now looks professional and we’re pleased to point people towards the site.

“I’d definitely recommend Butterfield Marketing to anyone who needs copywriting for their website. Clare is very responsive and delivered excellent work with a quick turnaround.”


Ring 24

Ring 24, a specialist telecoms and IT provider, came to Butterfield Marketing for help with promoting its cloud technology services. Ring 24 wanted a brochure that clearly explained the technology to business owners and provided compelling reasons for talking to Ring24 about their services. The brochure also needed to begin with the process of repositioning Ring24 as an IT specialist rather than simply a telecoms provider due to the advances in digital telephony and data services.

Butterfield Marketing completed the copywriting for the brochure, ensuring the content was concise and free of unnecessary jargon. We then created a clean, crisp design to present all the information clearly. Ring 24 was very pleased with the result as well as the experience of working with Butterfield Marketing. Hannah Williams, Partner at Ring 24 said: “We wanted someone to listen to our needs and then use their professional judgement to guide us, giving us advice we could trust, and we got exactly what we felt we needed. In the past we have just been asked ‘what we want’ and been left feeling like the onus was put on us to think of the designs and strategies rather than the other way round!”

“We are very happy with the brochure and are looking forward to having it to hand as part of our sales strategy. Having had a positive experience from Butterfield Marketing our faith has been restored that we have a strong ally available to us to help with on-going marketing work which gives us confidence. It’s great to deal with someone who is straight-talking and promptly completes exactly what they say they are going to do!”

Richardson Partnership For Care

The Richardson Partnership for Care (RPC) is provides specialist residential care and support for people with acquired brain injuries and learning difficulties. RPC has employed Butterfield Marketing to help target its professional audiences and one of the first projects we completed was a brochure to highlight the value for money that RPC provides.When employing Butterfield Marketing, RPC was looking for new ideas and areas to target, good communication, a clear understanding of their business, as well as a professional and friendly approach. Previously, they had to rewrite copy that there weren’t happy with, so wanted it right first time. This is how they described the service they received from Butterfield Marketing:

“Top quality! You tick all of the above boxes. You have taken away all of the work and stress of the recent new brochure and completed it in a very short timescale. The brochure is fabulous and we all love it. It is the first time that I have immediately been happy with a piece of marketing material. Your pricing is also very open and good value for money. The efficiency of Butterfield Marketing has left me able to concentrate on other areas of our business. You have tuned into our business very quickly which has enabled you to produce appropriate marketing literature including the brochure and advertisements.”

Laura Richardson-Cheater
The Richardson Partnership for Care

Kypera Limited

Kypera develops, implements and supports integrated business solutions for a wide range of organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.When Kypera recently decided to refresh their website and change the focus from a large repository of information to a tool for lead generation, they contacted Butterfield Marketing to write the content.

Doug Sarney, Business Sales Manager at Kypera said: “Butterfield Marketing has been very effective at distilling down a large amount of information into the key nuggets that our prospects and customers need to know. Our new website now whets their appetite so they want to explore Kypera further, rather than giving them lots of information to wade through.”

“Butterfield Marketing has brought the content up to date and focussed on the most important messages for our client base. In addition, Clare contacted our clients directly to update case studies and testimonials. I was impressed by her attention to detail and delighted that this project was handled both very professionally and within the timeframe required.”

Foodmaker Limited

“In March 2010, Foodmaker Limited was in a difficult position. As an organisation it had no identity, had failed to define its place in the spice and seasoning market and was effectively directionless. Clare Butterfield at Butterfield Marketing was a key part of fixing the issues and helping to put us back on-track.By helping Foodmaker define itself, creating a brand identity and assisting with building our market offering, Clare became an integral team member. With financial constraints in place, Clare continually worked within budget, identifying the most pressing needs and providing excellent value for money. No job was too small.In each and every instance, Clare has shown patience, offering guidance and assistance; at no point did we feel pressured or felt that we needed to do it Clare’s way. At no time did we feel that Clare poured cold water on our ideas or ambitions; instead we received nurturing, support and sound guidance.Now, with a business that can position itself, and with an identity that our customer’s understand and engage with, Foodmaker is looking forward optimistically.”

John Cooper
Foodmaker Limited

Capita One

Butterfield Marketing delivers ongoing marketing communications support and copywriting to Capita One – which provides information management systems to local authorities.“When employing a marketing agency, I look for an open and honest approach, flexibility, good account management and people who are easy to work with. We’ve received very good service from Clare, particularly in relation to our eNewsletter. Since we have improved the editorial, readership rates have increased by 11%.”

Rachel Allen, Marketing Manager, Capita One



B2j3 Ltd provides consultancy and business support, including setting up companies in the UK and developing sales channels. B2j3 launched a Spanish UPS provider to the UK distribution channel at Channel Expo in May 2009. Butterfield Marketing was actively involved, working with the exhibition contractor to plan the stand as well as designing the exhibition graphics and implementing all the communications.The key to the success of the project was defining the messages for the target audiences and communicating these consistently through the exhibition catalogue, press releases, literature and graphics.

B2j3 was delighted with the quality of service provided by Butterfield Marketing, and Christine Hawkins, Director of b2j3 said: “Clare’s personal involvement with planning, project management and co-ordination was invaluable. She took all the worry off my shoulders and always offered solutions to any problems that arose. In fact, she excelled at foreseeing issues and dealing with them before they became problems.”

“We received some very positive comments from our clients in Spain who were particularly impressed, not only with the stand itself, but the amount of PR work that had clearly gone into producing a successful event.”

Christine went on to say: “It’s important to us to use an agency that views themselves as part of our team and understands our goals and strategy. That was certainly the case with Clare and her team from the start. We continue to work together and I would be pleased to recommend Butterfield Marketing to other companies.”

Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Limited

Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Limited provides specialist dog control services to local authorities and police forces throughout the UK. They wanted to embark on a direct marketing campaign to environmental health offices and contacted Butterfield Marketing for help.We wrote a letter targeted specifically at their prospective customers and designed a small, generic brochure. These provided a cost-effective, targeted and very professional-looking solution.Noah’s Ark were delighted with the results and had their first meeting with a London council thanks to the work produced by Butterfield Marketing.Cathrine Cook of Noah’s Ark said: “We would definitely recommend Butterfield Marketing. We needed an agency that was fast, efficient and delivered good quality work and we felt they covered all of these. They provided value for money and we’d be happy to work with them again in future. They were pleasant to work with, talented at using the information given and created an effective, eye-catching brochure. They particularly excelled at finding the images that we wanted.”

Go to www.noahsark-environmental.co.uk for more information.

Fortitude Financial Planning

Fortitude Financial Planning delivers a professional, objective and truly independent service to help clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Butterfield Marketing has helped Fortitude to establish a clear structure for the company’s marketing activities and given the team a discipline in implementing their communications plan.Projects include achieving press coverage, reviewing the company website to make it more focused to the needs of clients and using client feedback for testimonials.Mark White, a Director at Fortitude explains: “We selected Butterfield Marketing because we were looking for a marketing agency with a proven track record, who could gain an insight into our profession and understand our needs. Working with Clare, we have found someone who listens and we can get along with, enabling us to have constructive discussions about strategy.”Mark added: “The service we have received has been of very good quality, personal, honest and everything has been delivered to agreed timescales. Converting our needs into ideas and helping us to convert those ideas into action has proved particularly valuable. Butterfield Marketing has delivered excellent value for money and we recommend their service.”

Essential Business Coaching

Butterfield Marketing worked with Susan Lane Shaw of Essential Business Coaching to create a new website and to position the business appropriately for its target market.“In Butterfield Marketing I have found a company that understands Marketing as a multi-faceted approach to finding and attracting the ‘right’ clients for my business. They have helped me to project a public persona that accurately reflects my business. I am seen as concise, articulate and on target with my knowledge and experience.”

“Their service is among the highest 2% of all those that are part of my professional team. When considering which aspects of the service have been most valuable, I would say: Very timely response, good humour, a bright and inquisitive mind, and a willingness to be candid and to offer editing that brings my business into professional focus. The ability to put their view secondary to mine – and yet to provide me with enough understanding to make the changes that will benefit me without feeling like I have ‘given myself away.’”

“I receive excellent value for money and Butterfield Marketing is clearly more sensitive to my needs and objectives and less interested in proving how ‘clever’ they are. The result is that I feel like what is being put forth in ‘my image’ is me.”

Charles Macadam

Charles Macadam is a business developer, trouble-shooter, business coach and mentor. He provides hands-on solutions to help businesses cut costs and solve problems. After rebranding his business to focus more on his personal skills with the concept ‘the final piece in your puzzle’ he contacted Butterfield Marketing to design and produce a banner to use for networking events.We started by distilling down the description of Charles’ business to the key points and the benefits that he brings to his clients. The message needed to be short, concise and direct. We combined this with strong graphics that reinforced his corporate identity.

Networking is an important part of Charles’ sales and marketing strategy and the banner helped to create a greater impact at these events. Charles said: “I approached Butterfield Marketing at short notice to produce a banner and was really pleased with the speed at which Clare was able to assess my requirements, come up with a design then deliver the finished product within a tight timescale. I found Clare particularly responsive in what I am sure was a fairly small project for Butterfield Marketing.”

Charles added: “Without a doubt, the banner has definitely helped my business and I would not hesitate in recommending Butterfield Marketing to colleagues.”

Spirit HR

Spirit HR is a specialist human resource consultancy that works with small and medium sized businesses. It helps companies to comply with HR legislation and work through staffing difficulties as well as providing long term strategic support.Donna Fairbrass, owner of Spirit HR contacted Butterfield Marketing to help her develop a marketing communication strategy for the business. She says: “I was fully aware that I needed to spend more time working on the business, rather than in the business, but this is easier said than done when you are handling urgent and complex staffing issues for clients! Working with Clare at Butterfield Marketing has actually made things happen.”

Butterfield Marketing has written sales letters for Spirit HR and advised on a direct mail campaign as well as producing a bi-monthly e-newsletter for Spirit HR’s clients and prospects. It informs them of legislative changes and provides valuable information on dealing with different HR issues.

Donna adds: “I just send over the draft information to Butterfield Marketing and we discuss what should be included in each issue. Clare reviews and edits the content, sources the images then creates the e-newsletter so that it’s ready to send out. She also keeps track of articles in reserve for future issues. It works really well for me, saves time, money and produces a much better result than if we’d tried to manage it all in-house.”

When looking for a marketing agency, Donna adds: “I like to work with people who have good ideas and think differently to me, as well as telling me when I’m getting too wild! Clare assesses all my suggestions rationally to make sure that they have the right impact and align with our key messages to provide a consistent communications strategy. We work collaboratively to great effect. I’ve already recommended Butterfield Marketing to some of my contacts.”


Construction Solutions

Construction Solutions is a domestic building business formed by Gavin Pittams and Darren Pitcher in March 2008. They have combined their skills of traditional craftsmanship and modern, sustainable building techniques to focus on the house building and refurbishment market.Construction Solutions were very clear about what they wanted to achieve but not how to go about it. A professional image is very important to them so they approached Butterfield Marketing to help them to develop a brand for the business. We designed a logo, company stationery and promotional leaflet as well as supplying corporate clothing.

Construction Solutions were very pleased with the results and the service they received from Butterfield Marketing. Gavin Pittams says: “We’re building professionals, not marketing people and didn’t really know where to start. However, we found Butterfield Marketing very easy to work with and Clare gave us some good advice and guidance, rather than just following our instructions.”

Darren Pitcher added: “The business cards and leaflet are outstanding. We’ve had some excellent feedback on them and would definitely recommend Butterfield Marketing’s services.”

Verve Workspace Limited

Business furniture specialists, Verve Workspace, approached Butterfield Marketing to design a new company brochure and are delighted with the result. Being in the office interiors business, they fully appreciate the importance of professional design and presentation.Steve Allen, Managing Director of Verve Workspace says: “It is really important for us to project the right image to our clients and potential clients. We offer great value while maintaining high levels of customer service and needed to differentiate Verve from the many competitors in the marketplace. Being so close to the business, we were unsure of how to get across the right message but the advice we received from Butterfield Marketing on this was great.”

Verve Workspace uses its brochure as an introduction following a telephone call from the sales team and has found it to be an effective tool. Steve adds: “Because we can often be speaking to clients for many months before a project, having a good quality piece of literature from us reminds them we are here. We have had good feedback about the brochure from our clients, saying that it looks very professional, and often informs them about a service that they didn’t know we had.”

When employing a marketing agency, Steve believes that it’s important to work with someone that you can ‘gel’ with to bounce ideas off each other easily. He adds: “We have found Clare easy to work with and the service we receive from Butterfield Marketing has always been friendly and professional.”


Sharpmark Solutions

Sharpmark Solutions is a leader in specialist labelling and identification systems for data and telecoms installations, manufacturing high quality labels and innovative software at its facility in Milton Keynes.Butterfield Marketing has provided PR services to Sharpmark targeting the telecoms, electrical and IT infrastructure sectors. Charlotte Hilton, Managing Partner at Sharpmark, believes this has had a significant impact on the business: “We are now seen as industry leaders in our field, which I am sure has come from the under current of press releases and PR work that Butterfield Marketing has done for us. They make sure that we are seen in the right trade publications as well as providing news stories for our company newsletters and information for distributors.”

Charlotte continues: “When employing a PR agency, I look for reliability, professionalism and responsiveness. Butterfield Marketing excels at all of these. In working with Clare, I have found someone who can completely take a job off me, make informed decisions, keep an eye on deadlines and chase me when necessary. With the rapid growth in the business, my own time to devote to PR and marketing has been really compromised. Clare knew that I was too busy to do necessary things at times, so she dealt with them for me but kept me fully informed. I don’t think others would have done that. The support that I have received has made a real difference to me and the business.”


AlphaCase Limited – July 2008

AlphaCaseAlphaCase, based in Buckingham, is part of the Delta group of companies that designs and manufactures components from carbon fibre and other composite materials for the formula one and motor sport industries. The skills required to meet the high quality and exacting standards of these industries lend themselves to the production of other high quality goods.AlphaCase identified a gap in the market for luxury, lightweight and durable travel goods. Carbon fibre is a high tech material that is ideal for this application as it is extremely light but very strong and impact resistant.

The importance of developing a strong brand for the products was recognised from the outset and Butterfield Marketing was selected for this project. Butterfield Marketing created a logo to reflect the high performance, premium quality and innovative nature of the products. From there we developed a corporate style for stationery and literature.

The first product to be launched is the GunCase, for use with both competition and field sports guns. Its unique and well considered design has many features that make it both practical and desirable.

Kevin Higham, Director of AlphaCase Limited was pleased with the high level service provided by Butterfield Marketing. “There was a genuine effort to define the brief clearly as well as an understanding of the need to be flexible as other priorities buffer the schedule!” he comments. “I was pleased that the business basics of communication, such as returning calls, keeping us informed, etc, were carried out professionally. It saves so much time.”

Kevin continues: “When employing a marketing agency I look for someone who can understand our business direction but is strong enough to stand with their own convictions if they genuinely believe us to be in error or misguided. We are, I believe, fairly strong characters with firm opinions and changing of minds can be challenging!

“The work produced by Butterfield Marketing has been very well received and overall the quality has been admired. In today’s environment everyone wants everything cheaper! However, from a business perspective, did I achieve the required outcome at reasonable cost? Yes, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Butterfield Marketing to others.”

Metcalf Commercial Decorators Limited

Metcalf Commercial Decorators Limited in Northampton has been growing steadily for 20 years through repeat business and recommendation. Metcalfs first started working with Butterfield Marketing in 2004 when they had their first corporate brochure professionally produced. Later Metcalfs decided it was time for an informative and well-designed website to demonstrate their expertise and extensive portfolio to a wider audience.
We set up email accounts along with a single page website as a temporary measure. This gave Metcalfs a professional presence in keeping with their corporate style, while communicating their unique benefits and contact details. Even from their single page they received an enquiry from Panasonic who became a client.We then began work on their new site, which went live in March 2008.The website includes details of the services provided, professional accreditations, testimonials from customers and a portfolio of work.Ian Metcalf , Managing Director says: “I had a clear vision for the website to strengthen our branding and demonstrate our standing in the marketplace. Butterfield Marketing has delivered it. The site looks fantastic and lots of our customers are very impressed with it.”Ian continues: “As we’re so busy doing our day to day work, the website wasn’t an urgent priority but Butterfield Marketing wrote all the copy and Clare was patient but persistent. She persevered with us and we’re delighted with the result.”

New Homes Only

Butterfield Marketing was commissioned to develop a corporate identity and brochure for New Homes Only, a company that is dedicated to selling new-build properties on behalf of builders and developers.The corporate identity was designed to be strong and memorable, differentiating New Homes Only from its perceived competitors.

The brochure positions New Homes Only as a highly professional company dedicated to providing a quality service. It communicates the messages of experience, expertise and value for money and explains the concept of New Homes Only while demonstrating its benefits to the target audience.

Vanessa Miller, Sales Consultant at New Homes Only said: “Since our relationship commenced I have always found the staff at Butterfield Marketing to be very professional but friendly in their approach. The quality of service exceeded my expectations and Clare herself has personally managed our relationship. She has taken the time to develop a good understanding of my business, which is important to me.

“The brochure I commissioned is excellent and i receive comments from customers on how much they like it. As well as delivering a corporate identity and company brochure, Butterfield Marketing has also been able to introduce me to other service companies, for example, to run a telephone marketing campaign and to set up email hosting.

“I am looking forward to working more with Clare and her team in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending Butterfield Marketing to others.”

Nottingham Community Housing Association Limited

NCHA (Nottingham Community Housing Association) is a not-for-profit organisation supported by government funding. It is a residential social landlord which operates throughout the East Midlands and has been providing quality housing for over 33 years.NCHA came to Butterfield Marketing for assistance with branding and promoting The Stylo – a mixed tenure development and the first of its kind in Northampton. Butterfield Marketing proposed a strategy based on a strong brand for the housing development that would appeal to the target audience of first time buyers together with literature that focused on the benefits of the properties and of having NCHA as a landlord.

“When employing a marketing agency, the particular attributes that I look for are creativity – something different from the material produced for similar organisations – reliability and patience, and people who I feel I can trust and who I enjoy working with. The service provided by Butterfield Marketing exceeded my expectations. I was delighted with the quality of the finished product, which is by far the best promotional material we have produced to date. The branding of the Stylo building is excellent. I was also impressed by the adherence to the fairly tight deadlines that we imposed.”

Communication about the progress of the job was excellent; I always felt I knew what was going on. The job came in on budget, which was very important. Clare’s willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for example, when sorting out the sales office telephone details, was extremely helpful. I feel that we have received value for money and I would recommend Butterfield Marketing to others.”

David Simmons, Property Services Manager, NCHA.

Towcester Mortgage Services

Towcester Mortgage Services is a partnership which provides mortgages, financial planning, investment, insurance and related services. When Towcester Mortgage Services had been established for around 18 months, the partners decided that the business had outgrown its corporate identity and a new look was required: Something that reflected a more professional and corporate image.Butterfield Marketing produced a new advertisement, with a strong design that was carried through to other elements, for example, a free-standing banner which is on permanent display at Towcester Mortgage Services’ main office.

“From start to finish, Butterfield Marketing provided a comprehensive service and I particularly liked the fact that I could effectively hand over the whole project to you with the confidence that you would deliver. I found Butterfield Marketing to be very reliable and they put forward sensible ideas that were appropriate for my company and budget. The brief was for an eye catching corporate design, which was fully achieved.

“I do not usually recommend people unless I am very, very confident that they can deliver and I have every confidence in your abilities, so I would definitely recommend Butterfield Marketing to others.”

Howard Clark
Towcester Mortgage Services

Jackie Oliver & Co Estate Agents

Jackie Oliver & Co is an independent estate agency in Northamptonshire. It has been established for over 10 years and has grown its business by consistently providing a quality professional service.Jackie Oliver & Co approached Butterfield Marketing when it was about to embark on a refurbishment of its offices. The brief was two fold; to raise the profile of the agency and to develop a corporate image that better reflected the level of professionalism and customer service of Jackie Oliver & Co.

Butterfield Marketing developed the logo, to make it sharper and stronger, then used this new corporate identity in a series of advertisements. These supported the tagline ‘Real estate for real people’ and focussed on the level of personal service and commitment provided by the team at Jackie Oliver & Co.

We also designed ‘new home’ cards to send to customers when they moved to their new properties and branded umbrellas as corporate gifts. In addition, a corporate brochure reflecting the style and qualities of Jackie Oliver & Co and an on-going PR campaign continue to raise the profile of the estate agency, which recently beat its monthly sales record.

“It’s only when you have the faith to hand over a project to a specialist that you realise the difference it makes having the right person for the job. You also become very aware that you wouldn’t have finished the job!”
Andrew Tyrer, Jackie Oliver & Co.



Warwicks is a retail business with stores in Wellingborough, Kettering and Northampton. It was established in 1868 and sells men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, children’s wear and has a successful formal hire department.Butterfield Marketing developed a new visual identity and promotional literature for Warwicks to change the target audience’s perceptions and demonstrate that Warwicks had moved with the times.

The new corporate identity reflected the classic values of good customer service, quality products and value for money, while giving the stores a more professional and up to date image, which was important for its brand-conscious customers. The store interiors and window displays were also revamped.

The new brochure reflected the high quality and wide choice of branded products on offer. It also showed the range of formal hire wear and aimed to cross-sell products across the different departments.

“We’re very pleased with the work that Butterfield Marketing has done for us. The new logo and brochure look superb and you have really sharpened up our image to give a better reflection of the business today. We are very pleased with our formal hire wear as business is up over 20% this year.

” It’s important to step back and take a different look at your business once in a while – it’s easy not to notice things when you see them every day, Butterfield Marketing has helped us to do this.”

Neil Warwick

“The quality of service from Butterfield Marketing exceeded our expectations. The new brochure is excellent and you excelled with the new corporate identity – our customers really like the fresh new look. I feel that we have received value for money from Butterfield Marketing and I would recommend you to others.”

David Warwick