The Olympics were a Triumph

I can remember where I was when I heard that London was going to host the 2012 Olympics. I’d been looking forward to The Games ever since and even the ticketing fiasco didn’t dampen my enthusiasm too much by the time the opening ceremony arrived. And the Olympics didn’t disappoint!

The opening ceremony captured the essence of what it means to be British in spectacular fashion. From humble beginnings, through hard work and innovation, we have a country of which we can be proud. It highlighted our heritage, sense of humour, humanity and our unrivalled creativity.

The achievements of our dedicated sports men and women also exceeded all expectations. Although some of the predicted gold medals didn’t materialise, this just illustrated that competitors still have to go out and win. Ben Ainsley proved in the Finn class that it’s not all plain sailing, on the way to achieving his fourth successive gold medal. Bradley Wiggins who, quite rightly, was hailed as a national hero after winning the Tour de France and the Time Trial at The Games, was joined by so many others as the medal tally rose.

The closing ceremony celebrated Britain’s musical talent and showed us that the emotions stirred by sport and music can be very close. The last two and a half weeks have been amazing and worthy of such a celebration. They showed us what can be achieved with belief, dedication and teamwork. Even the most cynical must have been moved by our achievements and how we showcased London to the world.

Clare Butterfield